Bio NÆT, is a company that develops extraction processes from solid matrices containing molecules of biological interest, with eco-innovative instruments. Bio NÆT is based on a closed loop model aimed at enhancing the quality of food. Bio NÆT aims to recover, with the technology at its disposal, molecules of biological interest from the second raw material produced mainly by the agro-food. Bio NÆT does not underestimate the possibility of primary post extraction of extracted matrices.

Main Activities
Development of extraction processes using Naviglio method, also on commission; Formulating new products in the food, herbal and nutraceutical.

Main Customares
SME (one contract)

Bio NÆT s.r.l.s. – Bio Naviglio Extraction’s Technology
Sede Legale:
Via della scesa dei pastori, 7 – 80131 Napoli (NA)
Sede Operativa:
Università Degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II
Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche – Ed. 5B, Stz. 2N-01
Via Cintia – 80126 Napoli (NA)
Phone: +39 347 3589 433
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