Carpitech srl is an innovative start-up born this year aiming to create process innovation, to date:

  • In the field of clinical diagnostics, for the pre-analytical phase, Carpitech has patented “Pantheon suite®” platform and a new LCP performance rating index  (Logistic Chian Process) for Complex diagnostic structures.
  • In the field of clinical and forensic toxicology it is defining an process innovative: chain of custody .

There are several healthcare sectors that will be treated with new applications that bring the doctor closer to the patient in whom Carpitech plans to intervene with utility solutions.

Another Carpitech’s branch will develop an healthcare section, also recording a monthly newsletter ,with journalists free lance, who will bring people closer to clinical and diagnostic innovation in Campania Region  and National .

The Italian healthcare market is the primary objective of Carpitech, which wants to develop aggregations with international IT and telecommunications companies in healthcare.


Lorenzo Gragnaniello, CEO and sales manager

Tel. 3894813736

Maria Elena Gragnaniello, Marketing manager and R&S

Tel. +393291328289

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